Merchant cash advance -Merchant cash advance direct lenders: Online Application

Merchant cash advance direct lenders: Online Application In the United Kingdom, there are currently over 5 million small and medium-sized enterprises (MŚB). Of this number, almost half of them apply for a loan each year. Out of this number, as many as half of the applicants obtain a negative decision by the banks. We have […]

Merchant Cash Advance

What is Installment Cash Advance?

Installment Cash Advance is a banking product that all bank customers have heard at least once. Customers with active credit cards have heard of this product and have generally used it. The cash advance is generally defined on the credit card and may be available in installments. What is Installment Cash Advance?   What is […]

Covenants in Business Loan Agreements

From a certain amount, the banks include in their loan agreements a certain number of commitments to be paid by the borrowing company. The latter will have an interest in becoming aware of these commitments and accept only those it believes to be able to respect in view of its financial forecast. The different natures […]

Redemption credits, it’s only for individuals?

No, a credit redemption operation with Lazarillo de Tormes is aimed at both individuals and professionals. Purchase of professional credit, specificities A professional wishing to redeem a credit must, contrary to an individual, provide additional supporting documents necessary for the establishment of the financial position of his company. A professional client will have to justify, […]


Loan Application With Payment: 6 Determining Factors

Do you want to apply for a loan with payment and are you curious about your options? This way we are happy to give you more information about where you can and cannot go with your application. A benefit is a broad concept, which is why we further explore the following types of benefits: Unemployment […]


Loan-Durations of a Credit Consolidation

Discover the different repayment terms offered as part of a loan consolidation. Duration of repurchase of credit: an important criterion The term of a real estate loan redemption or a credit consolidation is an integral part of a financing offer and will determine the total cost owed by the borrower. This duration will depend on […]


Mortgage Purchase

What is the purchase of mortgages? How is it setting up? Silas Lapham offers his expertise on this banking operation. Mortgage purchase: principle You should know that a mortgage is a guarantee on real estate for the creditor who lends a sum of money to the debtor. In a loan pooling project involving a mortgage […]


Loan: 6 Conditions & Calculation example

  Do you dream of starting for yourself? Then you usually need a starting capital for this. If you do not have sufficient capital yourself, you can apply for a business loan at Horace Rumpole. But there is also another way to get extra money; the so-called Aunt Agaath loan . With this subordinated loan, […]


Consumer Credit: Meaning & 6 Types Explained

1. Rental purchase – In the case of rental purchase you rent a product for a fixed amount per month with the intention of taking over this at the end of the term. At the end of the term, the product will come into your possession. Before that time the product is in the possession […]