Month: August 2019

Merchant cash advance -Merchant cash advance direct lenders: Online Application

Merchant cash advance direct lenders: Online Application In the United Kingdom, there are currently over 5 million small and medium-sized enterprises (MŚB). Of this number, almost half of them apply for a loan each year. Out of this number, as many as half of the applicants obtain a negative decision by the banks. We have […]

Merchant Cash Advance

What is Installment Cash Advance?

Installment Cash Advance is a banking product that all bank customers have heard at least once. Customers with active credit cards have heard of this product and have generally used it. The cash advance is generally defined on the credit card and may be available in installments. What is Installment Cash Advance?   What is […]

Covenants in Business Loan Agreements

From a certain amount, the banks include in their loan agreements a certain number of commitments to be paid by the borrowing company. The latter will have an interest in becoming aware of these commitments and accept only those it believes to be able to respect in view of its financial forecast. The different natures […]