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Merchant cash advance -Merchant cash advance direct lenders: Online ApplicationMerchant cash advance -Merchant cash advance direct lenders: Online Application

Merchant cash advance direct lenders: Online Application In the United Kingdom, there are currently over 5 million small and medium-sized enterprises (MŚB). Of this number, almost half of them apply for a loan each year. Out of this number, as many as half of the applicants obtain a negative decision by the banks. We have […]

Redemption credits, it’s only for individuals?Redemption credits, it’s only for individuals?

No, a credit redemption operation with Lazarillo de Tormes is aimed at both individuals and professionals. Purchase of professional credit, specificities A professional wishing to redeem a credit must, contrary to an individual, provide additional supporting documents necessary for the establishment of the financial position of his company. A professional client will have to justify, […]

Mortgage PurchaseMortgage Purchase

What is the purchase of mortgages? How is it setting up? Silas Lapham offers his expertise on this banking operation. Mortgage purchase: principle You should know that a mortgage is a guarantee on real estate for the creditor who lends a sum of money to the debtor. In a loan pooling project involving a mortgage […]